Friday’s long run. 16 miles.

SO happy to be done with my long run this week, and feeling GOOD about things again!!!  Last Friday, my long run of 18 miles was rough~~  I hadn’t run that distance in 356 days, since my last marathon training, and I felt it :(

Today, things were going to be different!!  I took the advice of Coach Cathy and would not push the pace.  I would run comfortably and slowly, at the bottom of the pace range, and not push for the top. 

The night before I made up 5 bottles of Nuun water, I set out cough drops, PLOW ON gum, and my GU gels to refuel.  I made a new playlist and had my Garmin and heart rate monitor ready to go!  Now to rest and sleep.  (c’mon kids, please let Mommy get a decent night’s sleep!)

As with most runs, the first few miles were sluggish.  I took an out and back 2 miles each way, so that I would never be more than 2 miles away from the house, so the sitter wouldn’t FREAK OUT if the boys did something abnormal (like THAT would ever happen).  I figured each time I got back to the house I would refuel, so that I could keep a good account of everything this time out.  And boy was that the best decision I have ever made in my running journey.  You see, the movie that we saw yesterday and the HUGE BUCKET of popcorn we consumed during said movie, were coming back to haunt me.  I hardly made it home at 4 miles to take care of things!!!  Then the same thing at mile 12!!  I did eat a lot of popcorn, but c’mon now…

So I had just one more out and back and I would be done!  I was feeling strong!  But reluctant to push the pace, keeping in mind that last Friday this is where I crashed.  So each step was tentative.  Was that my glute tightening?  Did my foot just do something?  Do I have to go to the bathroom, AGAIN???  It was a long 2 miles out, but when I made the turn around at mile 14 I knew I was home free!

I redeemed myself!  I felt strong enough to run the last 2 miles at the top of my training range (10:55).  Wooo hoooo!!  I got this!!!  I love this ‘on top of my world’ feeling! (16 miles 3:00:45)


How long are you going this weekend?  Racing season is upon us!  Are you going out for your first??

Marathon Training Week 14 in review (March 23 – March 29)


After last Friday’s butt whoopin’ 18 miler, I am looking forward to this week’s scale back to a 16 mile long run on Friday.  Although it was a blow to my ego and confidence that I was eatin’ it at mile 12, I finished up, so that is something!  I am hoping for an easier go at it this week where training looks like this:
Su: 3 recovery miles

Mon: 8 miles

Tues: 4 miles

Wed: 8 miles

Thurs: rest

Fri: 16 miles

Sat: rest

Sun: 4 mile recovery


The kids are off from school this week for Springbreak, so my runs will be somewhat ‘off’ the norm, but I WILL get them done!  However, getting to the gym will probably not happen.

I have been working hard on strengthening my glute muscles, and am feeling less soreness after my runs.  Foam rolling the TFL seems to help quite a bit, as well as using a lacrosse ball on the wall to get just the right spot!

I have reached out to a nutritionist for some guidance, but still am dragging my feet on that :( 

Sleeping and naps are still a priority, but this too I am afraid will be thrown off track this week.  But I am determined to come out on top!!!


What do you have in store for this week?  Are you also on Spring break??


18 miles?!?! I haven’t done that in almost a year!!!

So today was my 18 miler.  I only have one of those in my marathon training, so I was STOKED!!!  I hadn’t run that far in 356 days!!  “Did you actually count Mom?”, Aaron asked.  “OF COURSE!!!”, I answered, as I dropped the kids off to school.  Today begins Spring Break, so at 3 p.m. Mommy had to be “On” for a FULL week.  Daddy would leave Monday for work and he wouldn’t be back until Thursday night, so I was SUPER DEE DUPER excited to get going this morning as it would be my last alone time for a week!

I am going to use this long run and analyze everything!  I only get one of these 18 milers, and then in 2 weeks I get one 20 miler.  So these long runs are getting to be ‘trial runs’ for the real deal April 26th.  Making sure I am refueling and rehydrating correctly, making certain that I don’t go out too fast at the start so that I have enough gas to finish, making sure I am wearing the right shoes to go the distance, etc.

So, what, happened???  I never really got going today :(  I’m not sure why.  I fueled at 4 miles in, and again at 8 miles, I think.  Wait.  Did I??  Did I miss a fuel or a water?  By mile 11 I was eating it :(  I took another fuel and pushed forward.  “ONLY” 5 miles to go.  I had run this distance so many times before, why am I struggling so badly??  And then those thoughts came around mocking me, ‘you think you are going to run 15 additional miles, and at a race pace in a few weeks?  HA!  You don’t have it in you’.  This was tough.  I willed myself to get it done, not to quit, not to stop, just to keep moving.  No matter what my form looked like – wait shoulders down and back, lean forward, there that helped some.  Count your steps for a minute.  Concentrate on getting about 86 each minute.  Check out your heart rate, too high, slow down a bit.  GET A GRIP SarahJeanne!!!  And then there was Max, meeting me at the end of the road.  Oblivious to the past hour that played in my head.  Happily wagging and waving me down the home stretch!  His short little legs making me look as though I was a cement statue trying to move – slowly- down – the -lane.

Thank goodness that is over.  Now to rest and recover.  All runs can’t be PR’s… 18 miles (3:20:xx)

Have you ever had a run or race where you just weren’t all there??  Tell me about it!  Please <3 



Marathon training – week 10

Another week done and another week closer to the actual marathon!!

Normally I run my long runs on Friday, while the boys are in school, and I run them alone.  This Friday was supposed to be decent weather, with a high around 35 and a bit of snow falling.  Sounded heavenly to me!  So I asked the local running club if anyone was interested in running any or all of my 15 miles (plus 1/2 mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down) with me.  I got a few takers, and a few scheduling conflicts, but one runner for sure.



When we met at 8 a.m. Friday morning, it WAS NOT 35 degrees.  In fact it was 9 degrees, and with the wind chill felt like -5 degrees.  Jennifer has 7 to get done, and the remainder I would go alone.  It wasn’t pretty but we got it done with 9:52 pace. I finished up a virtual half marathon called Mr. Au-some that benefited the Doug Flutie Foundation.


So the week in training looked like this:

Sunday: 3.1 miles (32:32)

Monday: 7 miles (72:38)

Tuesday: 3 miles (33:45)

Wednesday: 6 miles (57:10)

Thursday: rest

Friday: 16 mile long run (2:42:30) 

Saturday: rest

A bit sore today in both hips, which is different, so I am thankful for the rest day.


Chicago Polar Dash 2014

I am not a big “swag” runner, but in addition to the opportunity to meet up with some running friends, the cute penguin hat, the finishers medal and fleece jacket that were part of the Chicago Polar Dash 2014, sold me.  Image

It was wet and cold.  Miserably cold for what was forecast as 35 degrees.  I am all about winter running, but with the amount of rain the night prior, and the mixture of melting snow, this run was a puddle splashing, slush dodging, sometime off the beaten path, trail run of sorts. But I am tough!!  I am a runner!!!

Most of my running friends were running the 14 miles, but I am only at a 7 mile long run in my training, so I opted for the 10k.  And I think I made the smart decision!!  I was able to get in my 7 miles at training pace (10:45), get back to the hotel, shower, change and eat, AND lay down in the bed before the other ladies returned from their runs.

NOT thrilled about the lack of organization from Team Ortho.  I expected much more from a large organization who puts this sort of race on in many large cities.  I know if I were to have run the 14 miles, and only received water along the course, I would not be happy.  The lack of porta potties along the course had runners standing in lines in inch deep water or on snow banks.  But it’s done!  I met some amazing facebook friends and have yet another race experience under my belt.  

One year’s difference

On January 1, 2013 I ran my first race; the Resolution Run 2013, Peoria, IL 5k.  I was encouraged by a Facebook group of fellow runners, the Sole Sisters of Peoria, none of who I had met in person prior, but had gained so much advice, knowledge and BTDT from in the past 4 months since I first started running.  I was stoked!!  Even if it was -4 degrees.  


When it was over, I reported the following on my blog page:

So I did it. Ran my first ‘official’ race. It was a 5k. It was challenging. 32:15 
What I learned today:
* The treadmill does not train for hills such was what I ran today.
* 20 degrees is WAY cold to run in.
* I need LOTS more training if I think I’m going to run 25k in May.

Flash forward one full calendar year, and I was back for the Resolution Run 2014, Peoria IL.

I was bummed that the race directors had to change the course because of the ice accumulation, but on the first loop I realized that neither the ice nor the hills could be avoided altogether!  It was slick, it was windy, it was cold.  A whole 8 degrees this year ;)   I saw quite a few runners that I had seen before, even 5 runners from my small town of Canton!  The Little Giants were representin’ !!

The first lap I ran at a good clip.  I got to run right past the Mr. and kids who were seated in the heated car, and their waves and cheering were wonderful!  The second lap I was passed by the race leader, who was at a 5:20 pace.  He literally left me in his tracks!  The kids lost interest in waiting for me, so when I passed on the second loop I was screaming out for them to notice me like a CRAZY WOMAN!!  They all looked up from their electronic devices to raise a hand as if to say “eh”.  The third lap, I was hot now.  People were shedding clothes, and I joined them, throwing my mittens onto the hood of the car.  Noone noticed.  They were bored.

I finished just 9 seconds from my personal best, but I honestly was huffing from the frigid air hitting my lungs.  At 3 miles, where I would normally “kick” I said “forgettaboutit” and just strolled on in. Image   

Almost 4 minutes better than a year ago, I felt good about my performance and am anxious to see what 2014 has to bring!!